Become a leader in AI-driven Drug Development

Pharmaceutical companies, especially contract research organisations,
undergo an extensive process to design, validate and launch new drugs for patients.

In most preclinical and clinical studies, the commonly used readout is image quantification, which is time-consuming, tedious work that mainly relies on the visual expertise of biologists.


Biologists spend hundreds of hours over the microscope, counting cells one by one to gather statistical data.

Due to the lack of traceability of this process, compiling the statistical data into a report is painful and hard to streamline.


With Keen Eye, scale up your assays


Drag and drop your favorite microscope images into a friendly web interface. We support all your file formats.

Benefit from our proprietary machine learning technology to train and reproduce your visual expertise to quantify your images in a fast, reliable, and standard way.


Get a standard report from your quantification and securely share it.

What our customers are saying

Celia Belline, CEO of CILcare

We’ve been very lucky to find Keen Eye on our road! Cochleograms represent an extremely time consuming labour for researchers. The solution developed thanks to Keen Eye, clearly opens new horizon for Hearing Research!

Matthew Redmann, Head of Business Development of DiscoveryBioMed

KeenEye’s custom tailored image analysis system, with an easy to use interface, allows us to condense weeks of manual and complicated image analysis into a few short days. Allowing us to deliver on time, high quality, and repeatable image data to our clients.

Yann Quentric, CEO Iris Pharma

The advanced AI technology of Keen Eye allows us to optimize the performance of the bioimaging analysis during the preclinical ophthalmic drug development, and in the future for clinical development. Their solution is faster than classical methods, robust and reliable, erasing inter-individual variability, improving Iris Pharma and its customers ability to develop ocular innovative products