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Keen Eye Selected as a French Finalist in AWS Global Startup Challenge

01 Apr 2020

February 2020, PARIS – Keen Eye was selected as a finalist for the France region in the Startup Architecture of the Year Challenge for 2020. This global competition organized by Amazon Web Services (AWS) gave startups building their infrastructure on the AWS platform the opportunity to showcase their work.

Firms in various industries such as gaming, video production, and aircraft operations, pitched their innovative project for a chance to compete in the global finale.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud provider that offers a wide range of computer system resources online. It provides the instances, hardware, network, and storage needed to allow programmers to build systems, as well as the ability to run Kubernetes to deploy those systems directly on their platform.


Startups participating in the contest were evaluated on the quality of their architecture and their adherence to what AWS considers its 5 key pillars for a well-architected infrastructure in Operational excellenceSecurity, Reliability, Performance efficiency and Cost optimization. 


Keen Eye was the only firm in the health industry selected as a finalist, which gave the honour extra meaning. It was a nod to our efforts and to the relevance and quality of our infrastructure. We develop our artificial intelligence and healthcare IT technology intending to improve the way scientists and researchers analyze medical imaging and develop drugs.


“I was very pleased with this nomination because AWS’ key pillars were already a part of our mission when we started,” says Head of Infrastructure Florian Grignon. “As we work in a highly regulated sector, those values are second nature to Keen Eye and are nested deeply in our DNA and core business strategy. It’s gratifying to have our efforts and patience rewarded, especially since we operate in the medical field and want to have a positive impact on society.”


We design our infrastructure following strict internal service levels. Our processes are automated and streamlined, and we run rigorous quality controls and testing to achieve operational excellence. The results are machine-learning algorithms that can be deployed in minutes to help medical researchers analyze complex medical data. They can bring new ways to handle extremely technical cases, prepare treatment plans, or understand the body’s reaction to a drug.


As our infrastructure handles critical medical and drug testing functions, we must offer optimal reliability. We give our users a platform that will be available wherever they are, whenever they want and with maximum uptime so they can rely on it confidently.


Our tool ensures excellent performance efficiency and allows timely results and resolutions. The ability to make quick and reliable diagnostics regardless of the quantity of samples can save lives. We are realizing this firsthand with the current Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis. That’s precisely what Keen Eye provides: opportunities to accelerate health diagnostics and drug development.


Security is one of our principal priorities. We comply with various regulatory bodies and ensure every part of our tool is secure and private. We work diligently to protect our infrastructure and the sensitive patient data or trade secrets it houses. Our clients can use Keen Eye with absolute peace of mind.


Finally, we understand that price and costs are often drivers of decisions. This is true both for us and the end user. Cost optimization is important in our operating methodology and our clients benefit from it. We reduce unnecessary costs and expenses on our end, allowing us to offer a more attractive and affordable solution from which everyone benefits.


Along with other startups in France, we want to thank Amazon for giving us this opportunity to showcase our infrastructure designs to the world. Participating in this competition reminds us of the natural synergy between the AWS platform and our methodology and approach. This nomination comes as an acknowledgement of our efforts to build a relevant tool that can ultimately make a difference in science, medicine, and patient care.