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Keen Eye: Fighting Cervical Cancer A Deep Learning Solution to Help the Screening of the Disease

05 Apr 2019

KEEN EYE laureate of the 7th edition of the Concours d’Innovation Numérique – CIN – « Live Better » category

The solution developed by Keen Eye, a French startup specialized in digital technology, has caught the attention of the jury* of the French 7th edition of the Concours d’Innovation Numérique in the category live better, organized by Bpifrance and financed by the Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA).


Keen Eye solution aims at providing to experts in pathology laboratories powerful tools of machine learning, to accelerate and save thousands of hours of manual analysis of microscope slides.


Keen Eye fulfills a major public health issue, particularly concerning the lack of expertise and the upcoming generalization of the cervical cancer screening, for which the French Ministry of Health « has pledged to provide access to screening for every woman.


Sylvain Berlemont, founder and president of Keen Eye, is delighted: We are very proud being awarded laureate of the CIN. It validates the excellence of our work in research and development, applied to biomedical imaging. The innovative nature of our technology in artificial intelligence will allow biologists and doctors to overcome the long and tedious steps involved in the quantification and analysis of images. In this sense, our solution is destined to become the reference for biologists of any medical, academic or private research laboratory.