Extract the vital information from biomedical images

In Pathology, histology or cytology imaging are a visual translation of complex underlying cellular and molecular processes and reflect disease progression. They contain rich phenotypic information that predicts patient outcomes.

To promote consistency, most pathologists are trained to follow simple algorithmic decision trees that sufficiently stratify patients into reproducible groups based on tumor type and aggressiveness.


However, imaging contains too much aggregated information that could prevent the ability to find reproducible and standardized predictive signatures for all diseases.

And considering the huge amount of data a slide contains, looking for such signatures is like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Empowering physicians with AI-driven decision-support tools


At Keen Eye, we are building explainable AI to determine predictive factors for disease events such as early detection and relapse.

Embedded into our proprietary platforms, this AI supports all your imaging systems and seemlessly integrates into your medical center.


Allowing you to work in a powerful and modern, yet easy to use environment.

What our customers are saying

Vincent Fert, CEO of HalioDx

This partnership with Keen Eye is exemplary as it offers a high complementarity in term of scientific, technical and regulatory expertise but also in term of field and market access. Both teams are keen to start as they are very conscious of the impact they can make on patient care with the combination of their respective technologies.