The most Advanced Image-centric Platform


Introducing the most advanced image-centric platform for pathologists and translational scientists. More than a digital pathology workflow management system, the Keen Eye Platform™ enables researchers to run AI applications on tissue images; either alone or integrated with other molecular biomarkers. Discover insights and make actionable decisions on all your projects, studies and samples, across all phases of the drug development lifecycle.

The Digital Microscope You Will Love

With a Blazing Fast Viewer

Enjoy the speed of our patent-protected streaming and display technology at work. With the simplicity of our viewer, you can explore your whole slide image with ease – as if with your own microscope.

Breaking Down Silos Among Research Teams

Enterprise-wide AI Management

Wherever your research data resides today, you can now connect it from around the globe for AI modeling. Engage your own data scientist team or take advantage of the experts at Keen Eye to train, encapsulate, and distribute AI applications for use by collaborators across your entire organization.

A Global Labelling System that Lets You Search

Searchable and Locatable

Enhance studies, images, annotations, and reports with meaningful ontologies that are searchable, across all sites, studies, and slide locations. This allows for instant comparisons of AI hotspots across multiple studies. With millions of annotations available, users can quickly visualize and locate meaningful clusters across a slide.

Your Platform, Your Way

Flexible and Secure Deployment

Keen Eye keeps your data secure in our cloud, deployed as close as possible to your sites. It can also be deployed on the cloud service provider of your choice for finer control and resource monitoring, or at your company’s premises for easy GCP and GLP compliance.

Your data security is our priority. Our data security policy includes security audits, end-to-end SSL encryption, monitoring, and regular updates.

Your Research Projects’ Time Capsule

Reproducibility with Full Audit Trail

Whether you need to retrace a project from two months or twenty years ago, the Keen Eye Platform™ lets you reproduce a study. You can rerun any workflow using the same version of the application and platform to obtain the same results; or you can add new data to the same algorithm to enrich the study or make comparisons.

With Audit Trail, every user and AI activity is logged and time-stamped, which helps to ensure regulatory compliance for clinical trials.