Deploy your own digital assays

Disseminate your cutting-edge AI models to your entire organisation in a heartbeat. The process of designing, deploying, and disseminating your AI models for use is a lengthy one, filled with organisational and managerial challenges. It is a process we here at Keen Eye have made it our business to know. Discover how we can make it work for you.

Deploy your own digital assays

At Keen Eye, we have made it our mission to facilitate the adoption of cutting-edge AI models across the health sciences sector.


We set out to bridge the gap between in-field scientists and data science teams with our tailor-made technology. The provision of this technology, and its accelerated AI insights, has been felt by organizations across the world. You can experience it too. Let us show you how.


Facilitate seamless in-platform communication (image sharing, annotations, and labels) between data scientist and pathology teams, so you can design an algorithm that is tailor-made to the needs of your research.




Work with any development language or AI framework when building your models. Keen Eye offers a simple and fully documented API for easy integration into the platform.




Let your field scientists review your algorithm readout live, edit them with annotation tools, and get instant access to those edits to feed them back into your algorithm building process.




Encapsulate your algorithm inside a container and deploy it using a single command line and manifest. Control your deployed algorithm through a digital assay management system.




Integrated your algorithms in user-defined routine workflows and benefit from the full audit trail of the platform to ensure regulatory compliance.

Autonomy, scalability, support — that is a partnership with Keen Eye.


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