AI digital assays

At Keen Eye, we provide you with a step-by-step process to speed up the analysis of your image-based assays. All you have to worry about is applying it when your studies require it.

AI digital assays

With Keen Eye as your partner, quantification becomes seamless, standardized and shareable. You can streamline the communication of your data and results.


When discovering the next biomedical breakthrough, time is of the essence. Our AI helps you get to the information you need, fast.


The ability to produce accurate results is a hallmark of any AI product, but at Keen Eye, we take it one step further and ensure your results are not only accurate, but reproducible.


In a market saturated with one-size-fits-all technologies, the Keen Eye team realizes the importance of building AI models that suit projects of every size and customization needs.

Unique 360° approach

Within the platform


You have access to all of your digital assays in one single location. Being web-based affords our partners easy access to their information, from anywhere, and on any computer. Our security protocols and proprietary safety practices ensure it is protected.

A business model that fits your needs

On demand: Pay Per Study
Our on demand option only requires a financial commitment when a study is conducted. This option is well suited to our client partners who prefer more flexibility in the scheduling of their studies.
Our subscription based option is well suited to our client partners who require consistent use of our platform, because they will be conducting studies throughout the year.



Matthew Redmann

Head of Business Development at DiscoveryBioMed
KeenEye’s custom tailored image analysis system, with an easy to use interface, allows us to condence weeks of manual and complicated image analysis into a few short days. Allowing us to deliver on time, high quality, and repeatable image data to our clients.

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