Your expertise, amplified by our computational pathology platform

An image analysis platform with capabilities that rival all others. We offer the most advanced and intuitive imaging platform on the market, and combine it with deep-learning technology to optimize our users’ process and scale up their capacity.

Your expertise, amplified by our computational pathology platform

In an age of unprecedented medical and scientific discovery, scientists and physicians look to health technology to help them propel their research and optimize the care they give their patients.



Gone are the days of manual tissue sample quantification through a microscope; today the health sciences sector has stepped up to provide innovative technologies to assist scientists and physicians in their life-changing work. Keen Eye is one such technology.


With Keen Eye, users can accelerate the adoption of digital image analysis assays, and combine it with fast development, deployment, and ease-of-use, ensuring compliance with all major regulatory bodies - and do it all from one secure, web-based platform.

From early-stage development to clinical routine, Keen Eye can accommodate all image modalities.

Whether they were developed for biomarker quantification or discovery, you can access all your validated digital assays from one location.


Manage, process and share your studies and images securely.


Grant secure access to your coworkers and clients, and conduct collaborative or blinded reviews.

Scale up your analysis, from small exploratory study to multi-site large clinical study.


No need to change settings while progressing along your drug development phases ; the platform seamlessly supports all cohort sizes and specificities.

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Digital Assays
Discover how Keen Eye can take you from manual quantification to digitized, fully automatized, and reliable assay analysis
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Deploy your own digital assays
Encapsulate your existing digital assays and AI models and deploy them in a split second
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Discover new tissue insights
Find out how we at Keen Eye can guide you in identifying these high-value predictive signatures in your images
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CDx/IVD Development
Partner with the experts with a proven track record in CDx and IVD software development
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RUO/GxP Assay Validation Services
Speed up the creation of cutting-edge AI digital assays
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RUO/GxP Sample Analysis Services
Get rapid and accurate results following your SOPs
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