Discover the most advanced machine learning tool for bio-imaging

Algorithms you can trust

At Keen Eye, we look inside the AI “blackbox”, revealing reasoning behind each decision to reach global adoption from specialists, regulatory agencies and patients.

Keen Eye Factory™

Playing with machine learning (ML) toolkits is one thing, mastering a fully automated ML pipeline is another thing. In a split second, our technology generates AI-powered algorithms for any medical indication and therapeutic area.

Keen Eye Platform™

web secure

Web-based secure access

Access the service from anywhere under the latest cybersecurity and data privacy standards


Data Visualization and Annotation

Easily create customized reports with graphical representation of


Image modalities and formats

Our platform supports a wide range of image formats, multi-modalities and multiplexing

Made for Regulated Markets

We target to deliver high-quality products in the most responsive way. Our ISO 13485 certification demonstrates this natural dedication to quality. Our solutions embed audit trails, validation protocols and secured reports supporting compliance to standards, guidelines and regulations such as GLP, IVD regulations, HIPAA and GDPR.