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Success in discovering and developing new medicine is no longer just about matching the right compound for the desired therapeutic area. Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly embedding big data analytics and artificial intelligence in every aspect of their enterprise: from confirming disease progression to clinical trial patient selection. Complete your AI program by partnering with the AI experts in digital pathology for tissue image and multi-omic analysis.

Biomarker Quantification and Discovery

Demystify the black box with Explainable AI

Training the computer to match a pathologist expertise in tissue image analysis is already a daunting task, but can AI outwit human experts by finding insights they are not yet able to detected?

Keen Eye’s advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms can identify and quantify biomarkers, as well as finding predictive signatures in the tissue without prior human hypothesis. But we do not leave the humans behind! Our algorithm provides visual feedbacks to pathologists for further investigation.

From Tissues to Multi-omics

Uncovering insights from multiple data

Genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, or metabolomic? As more data from a single patient becomes available, the imperative to integrating their analysis for actionable insight is now. Leverage the power of AI to sort through the complex causal relationships across different types of data to discover clues for new scientific and medical advances.

Regulatory Readiness

Your partner for developing companion diagnostic

We support your pipeline development from research to post-market clinical use. Keen Eye’s unwavering commitment to quality is evident in our ISO 13845 certification and in our GDPR-, HIPAA-, CFR 21 part 11, GLP- and soon GCP- compliance.

yann quentric


Yann Quentric, CEO Iris Pharma

The advanced AI technology of Keen Eye allows us to optimize the performance of the bioimaging analysis during the preclinical ophthalmic drug development, and in the future for clinical development. Their solution is faster than classical methods, robust and reliable, erasing inter-individual variability, improving Iris Pharma and its customers ability to develop ocular innovative products.