Diagnostic Companies Partners


Sometimes the smartest way to increase to your organization’s technological portfolio is not to build things yourself, but to leverage the industry’s knowledge and experience. The right partner offers more than technical feat. Keen Eye takes a comprehensive approach to address the financial, regulatory and technology demands in the complex healthcare business. We design a win-win partnership for sustainable growth.


Access to the latest AI and Cloud technologies

Accelerate your speed to market

Partnership with Keen Eye gives you immediate access to the most advanced image analysis tools and to the coolest teams of experts. Our teams of Data Scientists, Front End Software Developers and Infrastructure Engineers work together to develop and embed your AI solutions following high quality management standards.

Protect your Intellectual Property

Black-box integration

Outsource the AI applications development without compromising your Intellectual Property (IP). Like integrating a black box, we embed your application into the Keen Eye platform without exposing your proprietary algorithm. Your secret formula is safely protected.

Licensing Model

Taking the risks out of new technology adoption

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trend in technology and regulatory compliance with the licensing model. Focus on growing your business and taking care of your customers while Keen Eye assumes the full responsibility of your applications’ integrity.

vincent fert

Vincent Fert, CEO of HalioDx

This partnership with Keen Eye is exemplary as it offers a high complementarity in term of scientific, technical and regulatory expertise but also in term of field and market access. Both teams are keen to start as they are very conscious of the impact they can make on patient care with the combination of their respective technologies.