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Until now, image analysis tools required extensive training to use, and their costs are out of reach for most Contract Research Organizations (CROs). Keen Eye’s cloud-based platform based on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, made possible with the cloud-based platform, makes the most advanced form of artificial intelligence accessible to everyone dedicating their services to medical research and development. We make your productivity improvement affordable, so that you can focus on delivering your scientific expertise.


Biomarker Quantification Automation

Improves workflow productivity and promotes standardization

With proper training, computers can easily outperform human experts when it comes to counting: faster and more reproducible. Whether it’s counting CD3 biomarkers in an immunotherapy project or finding the lesions’ volume in an OCT image of the retina, Keen Eye’s AI-powered applications can streamline your image analysis and quantification tasks with a click.

On Demand Subscription

A CFO’s Cashflow Dream

Subscribing to Keen Eye’s on-demand image analysis service means that you only pay when a sponsored study arrives. Join our CRO partners to take advantage of the cost saving from productivity gains or to increase your topline with more robust offerings to your sponsors.

Seamless Integration with your image modality

Serving a wide range of CRO projects

Keen Eye’s image analysis platform supports a wide variety of image modalities, including fluorescent and bright field microscopy, OCT, radiology, and whole slide imaging (H&E, IHC, multiplex). Our dedicated software experts make images data from various formats (TIFF, DICOM, NDPI, LIF, CZI, SVS, etc.) compatible for analysis.

Matthew Redmann


Matthew Redmann, Head of Business Development of DiscoveryBioMed

KeenEye’s custom tailored image analysis system, with an easy to use interface, allows us to condence weeks of manual and complicated image analysis into a few short days. Allowing us to deliver on time, high quality, and repeatable image data to our clients.