Biomarker Quantification, Deep Learning

Transfer Learning Between Multiple Therapeutic Areas

Many pharmaceutical companies develop their AI capabilities to improve operational efficiencies, scientific research, and the clinical trial process. As for medical image analysis, the complexity and heavy investment of time and effort lead them to turn to specialized partners who possess this expertise. Keen Eye holds a prominent position in this field with significant knowledge in […]

By Eunice, 3 months ago
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An Interview with Keen Eye CTO: Technology that Grows with Business

Keen Eye continues to grow its business in 2020, taking on clients in the pharmaceutical research sector as well as biotechnology partners. This creates new demands on the technology associated with managing projects of an increased scale and reach. We caught up with CTO Mathias Monnerville to discuss how Keen Eye was able to build [...] By Eunice, 3 months ago
Biomarker Discovery, Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence and the fight against cancer: how deep learning aids in lung cancer subtyping

At the forefront of AI research in medicine are diagnostics and drug development. Deep learning technology allows better decision making, improved efficiency in clinical trials, and a clearer path to drug development. Keen Eye applies deep learning technology to imitate and enhance the visual expertise of a medical expert. Compared to the traditional image analysis […]

By Eunice, 5 months ago

Keen Eye Selected as a French Finalist in AWS Global Startup Challenge

February 2020, PARIS – Keen Eye was selected as a finalist for the France region in the Startup Architecture of the Year Challenge for 2020. This global competition organized by Amazon Web Services (AWS) gave startups building their infrastructure on the AWS platform the opportunity to showcase their work. Firms in various industries such as […]

By Fanny, 6 months ago

Improving cytologic screening using AI-powered workflow

November 13, 2019, PARIS – The application of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), an advanced form of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been widely used in research for automating cytology images. Most of the research to date however, focuses on training the Neutral Networks to classify individual cells or regions of the image.  Recent advances in the CNN […]

By Fanny, 11 months ago