Image-center AI Applications


As the number of images and the amount of clinical data continue to increase, researchers, translational scientists, and pathologists find it more difficult, if not impossible, to find insights using traditional or existing methods, such as visual inspections. By leveraging the computational power of machine learning and the scientific expertise of humans, Keen Eye develops AI applications to improve biomarker quantification and discovery.

Where Science Meets Technology

Design Your Own Application

From training to deployment, we collaborate to answer your scientific questions. Our data scientists work directly with your experts to design and develop AI-powered image analysis applications. Thanks to our Transfer-Learning methodology, we can train a new Deep Learning algorithm with a fast turnaround time to meet your research demands.

AI-tissue Characterization

Investigate Where it Matters

We train our AI models to reveal the regions of interest that contribute the most to clinical or treatment outcomes. It is like having a tour guide who takes you where the data matters for further investigation.

Across all Therapeutic Areas

We support a variety of images

Whether it is lung cancer or breast cancer, histopathology tissues, or cytopathology images, the Keen Eye’s team of experts has the tools to create applications for your specific therapeutic area. We can handle images from a variety of assays (e.g. H&E, IHC, multiplex IF), and a multitude of file formats.

Seamless Application Transfers

You don’t need to Choose between Rent, Build or Buy

You can deploy proprietary applications developed in-house on the Keen Eye Platform™ for enterprise-wide distribution, and ensure that your IP is encapsulated and protected. Now you have the flexibility to decide the best fit between in-house applications and AI models created by Keen Eye experts.